An idea is expressed in terms of action.

I'm sitting here in my car.

You must teach me how to do it.

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There's a lot of traffic on the roads around this time of the day.

You'd best be home before midnight.

I'm not sure how much we should wait.

The accident happened because they could not see clearly.

I've never heard anyone swear like Roberto.

Do you still have a gun?

The argument is rigorous and coherent but ultimately unconvincing.


She slammed the door.


How could I forget something like that?

We'll visit the old town.

I think you are mistaken.

Make sure that the lights are turned off before you leave.

Meat contains proteins.


Men are more likely than women to turn to risky behaviour when depressed.

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Charlie will get his chance.

Karen wants to get a tattoo on his chest.

It's completely crowded in there.

Patricia was very disrespectful.

Graham has already memorized the poem his teacher told him to memorize.

Gypsy couldn't bear the thought of leaving Anne.

She always keeps the garden.

Each individual dog has a different character.

Betsy lost a lot of money gambling.


He lived alone in the countryside.


He is a storyteller and a poet.

Cynthia is never wrong.

I'm meeting her this evening.

Theory and practice do not necessarily go together.

Can you spare me a few minutes? I need your help.

We have completely outstripped the other companies.

Earth is the third closest planet to the Sun.

I have to conclude this deal within a week.

You have betrayed us. I can see it in your eyes.


This will be her third album.

I want to join Joe's group.

Foreigners often feel unwelcome here.


This might take a few minutes.

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The trail ahead looked rough.


We'll watch each other and help each other out.

All that's required is one injection and some electronic devices.

There is nothing to him.

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For a long time, there were wounded trees upon the battle-ground; and scraps of hacked and broken fence and wall, where deadly struggles had been made; and trampled parts where not a leaf or blade would grow.

Pratapwant told Nora what he had in mind.

Dan was pushed under a moving train.

You'll never get it.

It's hard to blame Evan.

Adlai stifled a grin.

Monty has been up for hours.


What do you suppose caused this?

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It isn't strange that the number of children decreases, too.


The old belief is still widely current.


I don't want to bow down to him.


I'm concerned that your friends are poor.

She submitted her resignation.

He survived his wife for many years.

If only my thoughts were set into type and would come out of my mouth like a receipt.

With all her merits she was not proud.

We don't have any more money.

That looks like him.

Gretchen has been sitting in front of his computer for 8 hours today.

It's dangerous to live near a volcano.

I didn't want anyone to know I was here.

We must not allow ourselves to be influenced by soothing words.

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As long as we love each other, we'll be all right.

I phoned my son before boarding the plane, telling him to come to the airport to pick me up.

Glynn is probably not hungry right now.

One day Byron awoke to find himself famous.

I did my best to make friends with Wolf.


Japan imports oranges from California.

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The Coty company sells perfumes.

Seth left that.

"Do you want a drink?" "No, thanks. I'm driving."

I used to stay up late when I was a high school student.

I was asked to leave the classroom.

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She just missed the train.


My friend is stupid.

We have important work to do.

I want it.


He thought that he was a genius.

That poor lady is disabled.

I know what you did to him.

Who is born to be hanged will never be drowned.

We all have experienced the serendipity of relevant information arriving just when we were least expecting it.

Taurus decided to do what he could to help Beth.

Do you want to do it again?

He hates her.

Starting to save is the first step towards a secure retirement.


I've decided to trust him.

Which of the two ways do you choose?

The ruler is short.


I don't go there so often anymore.

Forgive my laziness.

We're leaving the day after tomorrow.

How's your job going?

I thought perhaps you could help us.

If you just put a little bit of cumin on the kebab, it'll be really delicious.

What a beautiful dive!

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She's richer than pretty.

Curious gazes, gazes carrying a bit of murderous intent...it goes without saying that I couldn't be more uncomfortable.

I have finally won his heart.


You should make allowances for her age.

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Seed pods keep dropping off the tree.

Teresa doesn't know my name.

I never had the chance to talk with Frederick.

Fletcher and Thad are thinking about getting married.

They could only listen.

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The boy trotted to his father's side.

What's Martyn doing today?

This house is anything but comfortable to live in.


I think Ralph and Lum would make a nice couple.

I know how to do my job.

She hated her husband.

No one can understand your letter.

I'll be out of jail as soon as the police realize I'm innocent.

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I still need to use these things, so please don't take them away.

I thought they offered you a job.

If you like it, you can keep it!

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I admire your grit.


We have to find Bucky's hiding place.

This information hasn't been made public yet.

Gale sliced the banana with a knife.


We are both from Boston.


Twenty-three centuries ago, the Greek philosopher Epicurus wrote about the existence of other worlds in a letter to Herodotus.

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I have gone through many hardships.

Oh, is that the way you milk a cow?

Straka was an excellent MC at his friend's wedding reception, and a great night was had by all.

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I haven't been able to get a smile out of Laurent.


Syd has granted me an interview.

I came here to rescue you.

We won't have any problems, will we?

I play with the PlayStation 3.

Why do you think they like it?

The bakery is on Pino Street.

Luke reads the Bible every day.

There are sushi restaurants in almost every country in the world.

I was in bed all day long yesterday.

Voyager 1 has finally reached interstellar space.

I'm thinking of going to Boston for Christmas.

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The old lady made her a present of it and insisted she should have it.

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Henry is a very sensible person.


The dog was dying.


I've been living with my uncle for a month.

He's no eagle.

Mott didn't really want to deal with the situation.

The kitten was drinking milk under the table.

I couldn't remember anything.

I still remember you.

When practicing at home, the aspiring bartender had to use a potato peeler to zest lemons.

Novorolsky is, one might say, a professional criminal.

I don't mind it at all.

Like a good wine, he improves with age.

Round trip or one-way?

I was going to write to you tomorrow.

Vicky was bitten by a mosquito.